Honoring the past, celebrating the present and nurturing the future.

Just like the people that make up the nation, the influences of American music came from every corner of the earth. When thrown into the cauldron of migration from north to south and east to west, when sung in the corn rows and wheat fields and floated upon the rivers that nourished us, those disparate musical flavors became American flavors. They assumed a new character that resembled this new homeland. And those sounds and songs and melodies have gone on to travel the world and back again.

The legacy of that music needs to be preserved, and the future of that music needs to be nourished. That is why Boston’s Boch Center – a guardian of two iconic theatres, the Wang Theatre, a national historic landmark, and the Shubert Theatre, that anchor the Theatre District in this historic city – has created the Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame.

Housed in the Wang Theatre, the Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame celebrates the history of Folk, Americana and Roots music through displays, memorabilia, artifacts, multi-media, lectures, concerts, special curated exhibits from the Museum Collective and more. As much as any city in the country, Boston is the musical birthplace for the styles and artists we celebrate, making it a fitting home.

There are artists today who have penned the songs that will forever be staples in the songbook that defines the last century. Their impact will be remembered a century from now. This will be their Hall of Fame, and the Hall of Fame for future generations of artists.